There's ACTION in attraction and its my mission to help you uncover the whats next in any area of your life by identifying your goals using the 'Begin with the end in mind' approach. What will you achieve with a clear plan and a laser focus?

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Hi, I'm Lisa, a coach and connector who empowers others to define their dreams through the discovery of a ‘life-by-design’ approach. I believe that everyone owns the possibility to experience extraordinary, that living a life filled with purpose and excitement should not be the exception for just a few, but the rule for all – it’s what I consider my normal life.

In the words of Poet Mary Oliver, I ask you:

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your One Wild and Precious Life?"  

My coaching is a way to shift your attitude... and by doing so, ignite tangible results in your professional or personal life.


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