Finding the Kind…

Finding the Kind…

Why ‘Find the Kind?’  In 2011, I was looking for a name for a blog, and as I spent many hours searching for a domain that fit the idea and Kind Journey was born.  The idea behind my Kind Journey blog was very personal.  I was trapped in a self-made world of sadness and dysfunction.  I remember having the idea of finding a ‘secret’ place where I could publish my dreams, my preferences and find my voice too.  At the time of Kind Journey’s birth, I was in a toxic relationship with myself that spilled into other areas (and relationships) in my life.  My goal was to create a place where my dreams and wishes could be heard by the Universe.  I shared my thoughts and ideas — me, a woman without guidance, without inspiration or any dreams of a ‘life-by-design’.

The words “Kind Journey” also represented a new way of seeing myself in the world. 

It was at that time that I decided to start to treat myself as my own best friend and to start to ‘be the change I wished to see in the world.’ (Gandhi) — it was in 2011 that I started my personal R.A.K. revolution.  I decided that acts of ‘kindness’ shouldn’t be random at all, but instead, daily and intentional.  I knew that the only way to experience the personal break-through I wished for, was to go out of my comfort zone and inspect every corner of my life and challenge every daily habit.  The process was flat at first and as I became more intentional, it slowly accelerated year after year and I began to see the light at the end of a very long self-created tunnel.  Along the way, I lost friends and many relationships ended (or changed) as I gained self-confidence and a clear vision for the way I wanted to live my life. I often asked myself — ‘before I speak, let my words pass through three gates: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true?’ – Rumi

These three questions became the foundation for my quest to live a ‘kinder’ life.

We live in a world of instant information.  The information is so robust and so available it almost cripples our minds ability to separate fact from fiction.  Lets face it, we live in the most distracting times and are often not kind to each other and, it seems as though we’ve given ourselves permission to be very unkind to self.  Unkind in the poisonous information we allow in our heads, unkind in the people we allow into our inner sphere, unkind in the types of foods and drugs (and quantities) we consume and especially unkind in the self-programming that we allow to happen.  Our shadow-selves rule in an upside down land with limiting self thoughts of never being enough.  Not smart enough, not funny enough, not beautiful enough, not educated enough, not fit enough, not talented enough, or not rich enough.  In a time when celebrity is cheap and easy to come by, we have accepted that without some kind of incredible talent or unique trait, we are simply never going to measure up.  Sadly, I often wonder how many people went to their graves without realizing that their very existence was a miracle. 1 in 400 quadrillion are the odds of your birth!  I used to say to my teen children as we passed by the cemetery, “whats the difference between them and us?” I would then quickly snap my fingers and say “that! — life is short, don’t waste it”

My Kind Journey is about focusing inwards — back to your ‘inner’ space — the only place you really have ‘dominion’ over and the possibility of changing. Its about defining your dreams through incremental tweaks you make to grow towards the ‘right’ life for you.  A life of purpose and healthy personal boundaries.  My ultimate goal is for you to realize that never again will you be living in reaction, never again will you be a accidental victim wondering what the future holds.  My coaching is a way showing you how to create the future by the actions you take right now… to proactive, to be intentional, to be generous and experience tremendous life satisfaction each step of the way.

Kind Journey is about asking yourself:

  • “What kind of life do I want to live?”
  • “What kind of life do I want to create?”
  • “What kind of legacy do I want to leave once I am gone?”

Kind Journey is also about finding ‘your’ kind of people.  People who celebrate you, lift you up and love that you are here alongside them on this journey.

They are your tribe and finding the kind is about finding them.

– Lisa Jean


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