Life’s not fair.

What is fair?

The same experience for you and me

eat exactly from the sea

My pain is your pain

My limbs stretch and break

So do yours

As with every living thing

whether designated

important or not

holy or non

My confusion is your confusion too

You live in the desert

I live near the shore

Fair is not a word life does choose

life’s definition of 

fair is getting up                                                                 

crack at dawn

to steady your legs

and absorb the sun

Our definition of fair

is actually a feeling

of lack

comparison is the thief of joy

From the Kara to the Mech

the North and South 

your story is in front of you

Do what’s in front of you                                                      

stop looking from East to West, what’s next

More you exclaim!

More of what I ask.

A thicker mattress?

Creamier lips?

The opportunity to learn

to grow

to be kind

all same options

before us

What if you utterly understood

you breathing the air

is your fair?

You’re here, aren’t you?