Your Future

Whenever you move outside your head

and realize only this moment

Whenever you experience that feeling

all is right with the world

Whenever understood

trust is the only option

the opposite a myth

Whenever you realize the wait

a chrysalis growing

movement of rivers

compassion flowing

The stories are just stories

It’s all man-made

You comprehend  

your real place in the order of things

Whenever you dream and the dreams keep coming

joy moves through your veins

like dawn creeps across the lawn

Whenever you stamp out hate

for the sake of breathing

understanding the wisdom

rides on the deep inhale

Whenever you decide and make it your aim

visions quickly snap to rewire plans

Mirages are real  

the smoky words disappear

Whenever the confusion hides the truth

twisted by immature brains

you can bear it for the trap releases

broken thoughts

at your command

Whenever the chatter, hum, and roar

force your heart open

and serve you long after they’re gone

Whenever things seem hopelessly broken

hold on

please hold on