What Does it Mean to Cast a Vision?

My vision is to create a life where I have the freedom and flexibility to travel and entertain my family & friends AND serve others through coaching and inspiration. To fund this life, I always work on developing streams of income which include real estate development. La La’s Landing is a result of life-visioning early on in 2020. While the world was glued to the television, worried sick about a pandemic, I carved out 2 hours a day to cast a new vision for my life. I saw us (Mike and I) building a business together and I saw myself partnering with an energy-match in the coaching industry. As a result, La La’s Landing (LAke city/ LAke pepin) was born and now we are preparing to turn it into 2/3 vacation rental and 1/3 apartment loft where we live. I partnered with AHC and its been incredible 😍 in a million ways — I’m reaching people on a higher plane due to the wholistic approach. I bought Highbanks Cottage and it too will be rented out 4 weeks a year to a lucky couple (4 different couples) who are newlyweds in Michigan. This year, I’m working on building on what’s in place — buying a boat that sleeps 6 and adding breakfast boat tours with the captain and the queen 👸, plus an annual open house + trunk show of art and other stuff I’ve curated from my travels. My friend Susan Aamot, an esteemed ‘outdoor’ artist has agreed to paint a view of Maiden Rock over Lake Pepin which will be made into prints available (as a gift) only to guests who book for a week or longer. This is how you cast and ‘live into’ a vision. If you read this all the way to the end, you might be saying…lucky for her that she is in a place financially to do this. To which I respond, I too lost my biggest clients and 8k in monthly income due to the pandemic. Money isn’t what pulled me through to success. In fact this plan took everything we had via money, energy and time to get off the ground! It was seeing our success through visioning (and A LOT of creative problem solving) that attracted the results to us. You can do it too! ❤ Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

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