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I’m a coach, connector and motivator who inspires and empowers women to define their goals through a step by step approach.

I believe everyone owns the possibility to be extraordinary and that living a life filled with purpose — and a plan filled with hope (and excitement) should not be the exception for just a few, but the rule for all – it’s what I consider normal life.​

My passion is found in using the ‘Kind Journey’ approach in guiding others to ignite real results in business and entrepreneurial productivity which in turn, shows up in other areas of their lives.  The ‘Kind Journey’ approach is a way of defining goals by leaning into innate strengths and resources that already exist.

My goal is to help you illuminate your most purpose-driven path and by doing so, spark the passion for living the life you really want, not one that has simply developed by default — I employ ‘possibility’ thinking and help you focus on the plan and not the problem.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in illustration and graphic design (before computers were part of the process) and as I entered the workforce in my early twenties, my ‘old-style’ skills quickly became obsolete.  During the years that followed I created several companies including freelance illustrator, makeup artistry, wedding planning/photography, an online vintage/art store and custom jewelry design.

Once I became a mother, it never occurred to me that any other job really mattered — I always saw it as an either or decision; I didn’t understand how to develop myself in a way that promoted my purpose AND grew my career and personal life the way I wanted it to grow. (see blog for Why find kind?) 

It’s also my job to give it to you straight — have you ever heard ‘don’t mistake my kindness for weakness?’ I show you how to put your priorities in order by reminding you that you – don’t necessarily have to be nice to be kind – because nice is a default behavior and kindness is an intentional behavior.

There’s just no limit to your achievement once you truly understand and internalize this concept.

In 2008 I entered the real estate industry (in the Greater Detroit area) with an old PT Cruiser and a whisper that said, “You can do it.” As the worst housing crisis in modern times unfolded, (I only earned $2,000 for the year) I questioned my choice and quickly realized…

This was no made for TV real estate show!

As a result of experiencing sloppy practices and utter confusion throughout the real estate industry from 2008 – 2013, I decided to pour myself into education and training.  I set out to be the best I could be. I asked myself, “Am I doing this the best way I can do it, or am I doing it the best way it can be done?” Along the way, I was taught by the best and I realized that my successes were compounding and others were starting to ask me for advice… and a coach was born!  This was an unexpected by-product of my determination to create a clear path for myself — now its my passion to share it with others.

A little more about Lisa:

  • Lisa is the author of the book: ‘The Kind Journey of an Atomic Ninja Butterfly’ (Coming Soon!)
  • Lisa has been in an elite class of business coaches since 2017.  She is 1 of less than 100 in the world that are Certified “One Thing” Facilitators. (The “One Thing” is a #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller by Gary Keller / Jay Papasan)
  • She worked in real estate from 2008-2018 as a Realtor, a real estate team leader, a business/real estate investor, a trainer, a group and individual coach and as an overall positive disruptor
  • 8 of her 10 years in real estate were with KW — voted the No.1 training organization across all industries worldwide (By Training Magazine — the leading business publication for learning and development professionals)
  • As a regional real estate trainer and a two-time Speakers Academy graduate with The Floyd Wickman Team 2013-2015 (Floyd was voted one of the “25 Most Influential People in Real Estate)
  • Lisa has lived in four states and one foreign country. In her free time, she enjoys being “an American picker”, gardening, DIY projects and exploring small towns and country roads via motorcycle with her husband Mike
  • Lisa is a Mother of three and a ‘Nana’ of one and enjoys spending time at home and traveling to visit them
Give with a truly glad heart for the sole purpose of the good it will do
and whatever you give shall return to you, multiplied, as if on wings, covered in sparkles.
  Girl Power!

Lisa’s Story…

In 1998, I was 32 and working for a visitors center when I was exposed to my first personal development seminar; I had already been reading self-help books for more than a decade and the experience of being face to face was so powerful that I was completely blown away.  The very next day, I phoned a friend to explain how we should do this ‘thing’ together.  She listened intently and then quietly asked, “What do we have to offer?” I said, “Do this! Inspire people!” She didn’t seem all that interested and I allowed my newly discovered dream come to a screeching halt. She was right, I didn’t have anything to offer, just the desire to help others. But far worse, I was paralyzed with fear by the very thought of public speaking.  I left the idea alone but I did complete the one little item of homework assigned to us: ‘What’s your personal mission statement?” I wrote it and it said:

“My mission is to help others find theirs by using kindness, encouragement and humor as my guide.”

She was right and she was not.  She was right because I still needed so much content, polishing and real experience and she was wrong because I was born with this gift of understanding and the ability to find clarity — I should have never left it tucked away for so long. My gift remained my secret because of my mindset.  I allowed toxic thinking and toxic people to influence me to the point where my confidence was nearly non-existent.

Now after spending a lifetime unraveling this idea of purpose, I coach others on how to define theirs by prioritizing and creating the boundaries that support personal growth. This is my story.  This is why I am so passionate about reaching others and why it means so much to hear that my average story isn’t really as average as I once told myself it was. Yours isn’t either. As with any gift, to identify it is 90% of the challenge.

It’s the WHY that I spent the last 30 years working on… and it’s the WHY that revealed the last 10%.

A closer look…as with every life, our own unique stories and challenges surface.  My challenges and early experiences created in me; grit, stamina and mental fortitude — they are skills that I might not have otherwise developed.  My adulthood began with divorcing and bankrupt parents, being the caregiver of a homeless mentally ill father and living with little, to no, emotional or financial support.  As a result, I maxed out on student loans, married too young and to a person who was not a good fit for me (nor was I for him) — I have battled health issues, (both mental and physical) financial issues, confidence issues and toxic mindset issues.  The me you see now is the result of pushing through the battles with the help of coaches, mentors and friends… and now its your turn… and now it’s my passion to do for others what I needed all along… clarity of purpose.

Why do I teach, coach, speak, train, present, write, post, record, tape, doodle, recite, imagine and dream of a better me?  I do it because a better me, creates a better you.  I’ve spent a lifetime of reading, thinking, creating and sharing and I’ve come to the conclusion that my ripple matters.  It’s because I know and truly believe that each moment, each person and each interaction…no matter how small, no matter how seemingly insignificant or familiar… matters. Your happiness matters.

I teach people how to identify their life-by-design and then show them the path that ignites a kind journey of change.

– Lisa Z.

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