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here’s what others are saying!

“Lisa has a passion for helping others help themselves.  She’s extremely effective at what she does because she lived it. You can trust her!” Floyd Wickman, National Speakers Hall of Fame

“Lisa is one of the most incredible, influential and positive spirits I have ever come across!  A dynamic woman and human being; her strengths beyond this are being an incredible relationship builder and manager — she consistently helps our team in generating, and sustaining relationships with business partners and their communities.  She is our team’s ‘secret’ weapon and our attitudes, production and profitability have increased greatly since she began working for us.” Jason Chitwood Senior Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage

“Like everyone who knows Lisa, I admire her in so many ways: her incredible spirit and kindness, shes a terrific leader with a big vision and shes successful while always doing the right thing with high integrity.  Lisa Zmuda is a respected, very bright STAR.” Steve Hyland, Real Estate Coach & Leader

“Lisa’s class was just the inspiration I needed to push myself professionally and personally and her down to earth personality and humor made the class so comfortable and easy to connect with.  She uses key points from her coaching along with her personal experiences to provide guests with invaluable information to help you better every aspect of your life. Whether you are looking to improve or advance in your current career or maybe you are looking to take a leap in a new direction, Lisa’s class would be just the ticket for you.” Kathryn Schmeling, Manager at JavaVino, LaCrosse WI

“Lisa, I tried to put into words to my hubby, my experience at your mastermind yesterday.  Even though I couldn’t articulate everything I was feeling, he said, “Wow, this connected with you on a deep level!” Sure did. What a powerful group of women and such an amazing experience.” Thank you!” Sherri Sherpey, Loan Officer at Movement Mortgage

“Lisa Jean is amazing!  This is the stuff dreams are made of! Lisa’s gift and purpose is to empower women to find their fullest potential.  Like all of us, she has experienced loss, pain, sorrow and deep valleys AND she emerged a stronger, wiser woman, driven by a servants heart.” Marlo Hoyt, Entrepreneur

“Lisa, you were honestly the catapult in launching my positivism.  I really was in such a bad place and after meeting you, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of how people are supposed to treat each other. You helped me repair the damage that was present in my personal life!  I didn’t know how broken I was until I saw a different way.  I always knew I was meant for greater things but I didn’t know how to get there until I met you. Even my husband was thrilled when I told him we got together because he knows how instrumental you were in the changes in how I choose to see and respond to the world around me. I couldn’t thank you enough for guiding me!” Amber Lee, Realtor

“Lisa was an amazing speaker. I have been to several coaching presentations throughout the years. What I enjoyed the most was Lisa’s ability to give us very personal real life examples of how her life was impacted by the one thing. Her ability to share her life in such a down to earth relatable way was refreshing and inspiring. Throughout her speech, she keeps circling back to the one thing, never getting side tracked by other distractions. I also enjoyed that it wasn’t entirely about real estate. She was presenting to our networking group and made it relatable to every business. Overall it was an intriguing presentation and I would highly recommend Lisa time and time again!” Stephanie, Executive Administrator

“Lisa delivers her message in a dynamic, engaging and effective manner.  Her professionalism and experience is apparent from the moment she takes the stage and, her presentation is incredibly motivating and inspiring.  Lisa’s presentation changed my mindset and approach to life and business.” Cynthia A. Hughes, Owner at Refashion Store, Rochester MN

“Lisa, Thank you again for an excellent presentation!  I believe that the most successful training is not what the attendees get out of the session, rather what the session can pull out of the attendee — and I believe today’s session got a lot out of ALL of our people.  All of your training has been great, and today it was off the scale in that it all started to come together for everyone… I could feel the power, the energy, the enthusiasm and especially the ‘AHA’ moments.  I can’t thank you enough for this powerful, informative and dynamic time together. You are the BEST!  With all of this positive learning, our business can only get better!  Jennifer and Joey just left the office and boy are they pumped up! THANKS again Lisa!!!” Joe Marino II, Owner Whipple Auction

“Good Morning, This was a GREAT meeting!  Lisa thank you so much for your time & presentation, I will highly recommend your coaching to people, and thanks to Amy for introducing us to LISA!” Sam Danna, Owner Danna Agency Inc.

“Lisa’s presentation was both informative and engaging. She brings a wonderful mixture of exuberance and experience to her seminar and I truly enjoyed the workshop. Lots of great take-aways from her presentation. If you have the chance to have her present to your group, jump at the opportunity. She is well worth your time!” John Healy, President Market Direct

“Lisa is energetic and engaging.  She presents her coaching topics and tools in easy-to-understand ways that are interactive and inspiring.  She made an immediate impact on my outlook and how I approach my work days, and I’m anxious to employ some of the tools in my personal life as well.  I highly recommend her seminar to people of all ages and professions.” Merrilee Horton, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Rescue Me Bookkeeping

“In my honest opinion, A.N.B. (Atomic Ninja Butterfly) is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. To me, it ranks up there with “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero I love the way the book flows too; you did an amazing job and you were born to inspire! I related so much to what you wrote and it was exactly what I needed right now at this time in my life. Thank you! Shannon Heier Musician

“Lisa, I really enjoyed hearing your personal stories and how you changed your life. I implemented the bed making with myself and my 15 year old this morning. I also reminded him to write down one sentence about what he’s grateful for daily.  He says he did it! Thank you for reminding and teaching others how to be purposeful.  You have a great gift, speaking and presenting helpful tools that all can relate to. Great job!” Amy Westerlund, Top producer KW Premier Real Estate