Baby Blue

Something about that baby blue car

smooth like pouring molten taffy

It does something to me

it trembles me somewhere deep


American ones of powdery painted convertibles

of soft polka dot silk scarves                                                     

loosely tied around my neck

wind blowing through my curly hair

From up high I can see the story                                                                          

visions outlined                                                                    

sidewalk chalk

Wishes unfulfill

Pictures drawn

Carriages pulled

Punches received


The airy float carries me away

When I allow it

My eyes closed

The joy is more than virtual —

I go back to the fantasy

of rose petals

waving beauty queens

sitting uncomfortably

on the back seat of my VW convertible                                                    

and a carefree life

of pretty things

Perfectly waving

happy faces                                                                               

on vacation

everyone eating ice cream                                                                 

other yummy treats

The baby blue bug pushes me to go deep

Backed into my memories of drive and hustle

of desire and ambition

the place where a fierce lioness protects her den

Back to the real of a wild mane                                                          

a devil may care attitude

The stance is undeniable

Huntress am I

will have that

silly little car

She represents

She’s the trophy

The biggest prize

Catch the feeling

ride a wave

then go back into your cave

until you are ready to                                                                    

come out